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How to choose the best truck accident attorney in Glendale, AZ

Your truck accident attorney can make or break your case, which is why choosing the right attorney is so important. Being involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle can be scary and stressful, and the last thing you need is to wonder if your lawyer truly has your best interests at heart. If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, choose an experienced attorney who handles these types of cases frequently and get help now. Read on to learn more about the process of hiring an attorney and how to choose the best one for your case!

Personal Injury vs. Property Damage
When it comes to protecting your rights after a motor vehicle accident, you have two major types of injuries you need an experienced lawyer for personal injury and property damage. Personal injury claims are based on physical harm caused by the negligence of another person or entity; property damage is about reimbursement for loss of or damage to personal or business property. Although both involve vehicles colliding with other objects or people, there are different strategies involved in recovering damages from each type of collision.

Types of Cases Handled
When you’re injured due to someone else’s carelessness on a road or highway, a truck accident lawyer in Glendale can help. In some cases, victims may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial losses caused by an injury. If your injuries are severe enough (i.e., your life has been affected), you might be eligible for a monetary award that helps pay for future medical bills and other damages. A lawyer can help you understand what types of cases they handle and help you better understand your options. This way, it’s easier to compare attorneys (and fees) before making a decision on which one is right for you.

Practice Areas Specialized In
Depending on where you live, a personal injury lawyer may be referred to as an injury lawyer or a personal injury attorney. When trying to find a good one to represent you and your interests, think about what you want them to do for you and which type of law practice is most appropriate for your needs. For example, some lawyers focus on car accidents only; others have a general practice area that includes accidents but also other kinds of legal issues.

Contingency vs. Flat Rate Pricing
When shopping for an attorney who represents victims of accidents caused by large trucks or commercial vehicles, you’ll likely run into two types of pricing: contingency and flat rate. Contingency-based fees are based on a percentage of any damages recovered by your claim. This is important because it ensures that attorneys will do everything they can for their clients—if you aren’t successful at winning damages (or recover less than expected), then there won’t be a fee. Flat-rate pricing plans charge you a set amount no matter what happens with your case. The problem with the flat rate? You could end up paying more if you end up recovering nothing.

Criminal Charges and DUI Charges Section: Client Testimonials Section: Evidence Needed to Prove Your Case
What if I was speeding? What factors affect a jury’s decision? What factors do judges consider during sentencing? Do you have to take a blood test when arrested for a DUI charge? Is there such thing as a breathalyzer test for marijuana? Is it legal for police officers to give field sobriety tests without arresting me first? Does it matter what time of day my case is heard by a judge or jury during trial? When should I get an attorney involved with my case? How long will it take to resolve my case once we’ve hired an attorney?

Pros & Cons
When choosing a lawyer for your personal injury case, you need someone with experience representing people with cases similar to yours. And it’s important that they understand how your injuries affect your day-to-day life and livelihood. For example, if you can no longer perform your job due to injuries sustained in an accident (including car accidents), then you’ll want an attorney who has handled similar cases. It’s also important that any lawyer specializing in trucking accidents knows all about FMCSA and its regulations. These rules apply not only to commercial drivers but also can impact non-commercial trucks as well. They help keep everyone safe on the road—you included! Make sure your lawyer is familiar with these laws and how they might apply to your case.


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