The best travel options: why are they so hard to find?

I have always loved killing myths, and today is not another day. Let’s go and ask Google for “the best travel options.” Fortunately, you will find some pages that talk about the best travel options and you are happy because you are convinced that you have really found the best travel options. Great Google! He always finds it! Seriously, I’m not afraid to disappoint people and Google is far from great. And the same goes for all other search engines in the world that have developed similarly.

Focusing on the travel industry, even if you have the best travel options, Google will never know unless you are lucky and follow the thousands of rules you need to rank in the search engines. And what if I don’t care if people bond with me or not? Do I have the best travel deals or not? What if I don’t want to update my blog every day? Does that make my offers less interesting? What if I just don’t want to create a 400 page site? Are the travel offers I have on one page less important because they are not distributed on 400 pages?

In addition to an article aimed at webmasters, this is for you, normal tourists. The internet has a big problem and only those who spend a lot of time looking at it from the back door and those who are lucky and have good guidance and experience are able to find real travel opportunities. You usually book your hotels and flights using one of the most popular search engine or airline or hotel reservation sites. Well, everyone promises that their prices are the best, right? It seems that everyone has the best prices, the best quality and the best return on investment. Yes, everyone is good! For more information visit this website

Let’s get back to reality. By doing something as simple as knowing where to get travel certificates for free, you save up to 93.7% on most of your travel related activities. From my point of view, it might be one of the best travel opportunities you’ve ever seen, but Google doesn’t tell you. Google only likes webmasters who follow the rules.

Did you know that you could get 7 nights at 4-star hotels with a final discount that includes taxes and exchange fees (and all you can think of) at 86%? Did you know that I could spend these 7 days in apartments in more than 600 locations? Did you know that some of these travel certificates have a combination of airfare plus 3 hotel nights where you save 89% right? How about 4 days in Mexico? Did you know that I could save 93.7% with some certificates there? 5 star hotels, you say? Of course, there is also another travel voucher where you save approx. 85%, so you can stay 7 nights for up to 4 people in one of these 5-star resorts. Isn’t this the best travel opportunity you’ve heard of? Have you ever heard of them before?

Of course not. But it’s not your fault. Google doesn’t tell you and you trust Google. And why do you trust Google? Because people do not tell you the truth and it is probably the worst harm that the travel industry has today.

Even more so, since he is used to receiving so many false statements, probably when reading these big discounts I mentioned before thinking, “This is going to be a fraud.” And I can promise that it’s not because I’ve used these travel certificates more than once, but that people seem to be closed in their world and don’t accept it when they see real opportunities.

As a tourist, you are really tired of being told that you are saving so much and in the end this is not achieved. You are tired of the false statements that tell you about the best travel options and tired of the extra costs, and in the end you just let the search engines decide for you.

That’s the biggest mistake you can make! Probably few of them, but there are still people trying to tell you the truth. And usually it’s those with all these incredible deals that no one else will tell you. You can’t find those who do a Google search, but what they offer is thousands of times better than the ones you find on the first page. In addition, customer service will always be guided by the desire to help and not just to make money.

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