5 easy steps to ensure you Enjoy an Indian Restaurant

Sooner or later we are all bored with the same food every day, and we are looking for something new, something we haven’t tried yet. Indian food is an excellent way to learn more about the world’s cuisines. There is a common misconception about Indian food, apparently some people think Indian dishes are full of fat, curry powder, thousands of spices and are really hot.

I am comfortable saying that this is not true. There are many recipes that only use some or even a key tip to highlight the flavors of the ingredients used, and while there are the ‘sinful’ Indian recipes, many of them are really healthy and consist of a nice grill. Steamed or fried vegetables.

Sometimes there is simply not enough time or confidence in themselves to make any foreign, and this is where an Indian restaurant is useful. I put together a list of five points to ensure that your first experience with Indian food is as good as these dishes deserve.

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  1. Choose a good restaurant. However, this is not always true, but most of the time you pay more for better service. Don’t let any of the higher price tags displace you, the best restaurants make their spices and spice mixes from scratch using only the best quality components. This process is time consuming and costs more than the use of preserved ingredients, but you will agree with me when I say the result is worth it.
  2. Educate yourself about the items in the menu. If you are not sure which name means food, ask a waiter or someone you trust. It is not rude to ask a waiter or cook what the dish is made of and how hot it will be. You are probably new to this culture and it is strange to be curious.
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly before sitting at the table. Of course this should not be said, but you will see why I emphasize it. A large number of Indian dishes are eaten with bare hands and without cutlery and for hygienic reasons and in a good way they must wash their hands before eating. Use your right hand to eat because the left hand is considered unclean in Indian culture. If you think you will not use your fingers to pick up rice in every way, order and cutlery. The staff at these restaurants are used to these issues.
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  1. Always choose dishes that go together. If you have a hot main course, try to get lenses for accompaniment or some of the softer plates. Kashmiri food is generally a soft creamy portion that comes with rice or flat bread. If you do not know what to choose, always ask the chef or the waiters, they will answer these questions as they mean you worry about what you eat. People like it if they show interest in their culture.
  2. Find someone more experienced and follow their advice. If you have friends who like Indian restaurants and food, go with them and try some of their suggestions and have a good time eating out.

Indian Restaurant in London are pretty easy to choose from, but as a sixth step I would suggest doing some homework and first looking for local places and recipes for Indian food. You will probably find something you will try to do at home later when you realize that making these delicious dishes on your own is not that difficult.

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